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On the Line comments

Freddy Hansen and Sophia Franco with DunDraCon attendees playing On the Line

I liked the player interaction and the synergy of cards interacting with each other. The theme is light-hearted and fun.

April L.

Fun game flow with varied options. I like the color matching and combo’ing.

Hannah H. (day 1)

I liked the dynamic aspect of the cards constantly moving.


Fun vibe!

Kathleen S.

I enjoyed discovering combos between the different cards!


I liked the chaining aspect of the cards. And the fun machine part names!

Susan M.

Interesting card play with multiple uses of cards

Nick G.

Oooh, more mechanics and details on 2nd playing. Enjoying the depth! Fizzbins are KING.

Hannah H. (after coming back for more on day 2)