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Freddy Hansen and DunDraCon attendees playing 1776

I liked that you can start simple and get more strategic as you go. And the game moves fast.

Anthony B.

I liked the ways the cards interact and how the nations connect players

April L.

More interactive than most trick-taking games

Kathleen S.

Nice to see a high player count trick-taking card game – those are rare

Michael D.

Unique take on trick-taking genre. And the cutest beaver I’ve ever seen!

Joe B.

You’ve managed to create a Euro-style trick taking game – cool!


I feel clever when I make someone take a trick that benefits me! And I love the art theme!

Chris S.

Deep strategy with a fun flavor!

Darin L.

There was a fair bit of strategy. I enjoyed the balance between the color-changing cards and the high number cards. And the asymmetrical design is interesting.