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Short description

Trick-taking card game with dynamic team mechanics suitable for both casual and strategic players

Game theme

You are an 18th century American colonist and small business owner, trying to make a living on the eve of the Revolutionary War. You need to gather tools and resources for your business, but this is not easy in uncertain times. Your hired hand may get drafted by the army, rats may eat through your supplies, and just when you thought you were going to get through it all okay, someone throws a Boston Tea Party and ruins your carefully made plans. Perhaps you can team up with another enterprising business person and help one another out? Of course, that means you may have to choose sides in the war…

Cool features
  • Play as one of seven different characters and win tricks to satisfy your character’s unique set of goals
  • Players begin each round alone, but can form teams dynamically as the round progresses
  • The best cards in each suit are vulnerable to suit-changing cards, creating thematic fun for everyone and strategic complexity for more advanced players